TV Beds Black Friday Deals

Black Friday appeared on our TV screens around five years ago and it’s safe to say that the world of online retailing hasn’t been the same since! We don’t want our customers to miss out on the online feeding frenzy so we have decided to run our own Black Friday TV Bed sale too! You can view our fabulous Black Friday deals here. But we thought we would go into a little more detail about the TV Beds we have on offer in this post.

First up let’s introduce The Annecy. Annecy is a beautiful town in South Western France. It, like our very own TV Bed, is a town with everything, great food, views and weather all in a continental luxury setting. This is a full multimedia bed with storage. That’s right, not only does it come with its own speakers, subwoofer and USB ports it also has full under bed storage. We have scoured the market and don’t think you will find a better-priced media bed with storage, Black Friday or not! Below is a picture of it in matt black – which seems appropriate!

Next up we have our old favourite and one of our best sellers since we introduced it to the market around a year ago, it’s the Avalon by market leader Kaydian. This is a cracking bed at a totally amazing price. Check the reviews our happy customers have left on this one!

Going a bit higher end now, let’s look at again at Kaydian’s brand new Titan 2. Following on from the success of the Titan, Kaydian has upped the spec on this multi-media bed to make it more akin to a full multi-media experience. And we have reduced the price of this giant of the TV Bed world for a very limited time only.

Finally, and also by market leader Kaydian we have another media bed with storage, the Lyon. Lyon, is also a French city in the Alps, boasts full under bed storage and also comes with integrated speakers and USB ports. The price on this, like our other sale items, won’t be around for long though so make sure you grab a bargain whilst you can!

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  1. What price will the Titan 2 king size be reduced too when in sale many thanks jayne

    1. Not by much Probably £50

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