Super King Mattresses

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Showing 17–31 of 31 results

Super King Mattresses are perfect for people who want or need that little bit of extra room at night. Super King mattresses are 180cm by 200cm. We have a wide range of models available, including our Webb Daniels range, exclusive to the TV Bed Store.

What size is a super king mattress?

A super king size mattress is 180cm wide and 200cm long.

What types of super king mattress are there?

Here at TV Bedstore our super king size mattresses come in a wide range of styles and types. From orthopedic, memory foam, pocket sprung and latex, as well as some hybrid super kings.

Why choose a super king size mattress?

The more space you have when you sleep the better! Especially during the summer months when the mercury rises, having that extra space can be a god send. Even in winter ‘hot sleepers’ find that being that little bit more distant from their sleep partner, that a super king mattress provides can help them get a great night's rest and extra comfort.

Who will suit a super king size mattress?

Super King size mattresses are perfect for larger people or just people who want some extra comfort and space when they sleep.