King Size Mattresses

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Showing 17–31 of 31 results

King Size mattresses are 5ft by 6ft of 150cm X 200cm long. We have a huge selection of king size mattresses from memory foam, pocket sprung to latex and orthopedic. Check out our extensive range super king size mattresses online or in store today.

How big is a king size mattress?

A King size mattress is 150cm x 200cm. The size is the same regardless of whether you have chosen a memory foam, pocket sprung or orthopedic mattress.

How much is a king size mattress?

Our great king size mattresses range from £349 - £849.

What types of king size mattresses are there?

The TV Bedstore have a great range of mattresses to choose from orthopedic, memory foam, latex and, sometime even a hybrid of different materials.

Which king size mattress is best for me?

Best for back sleepers: if you are a side sleeper, or feel pain in your lower back when sleeping on your stomach, then a softer mattress will be perfect for you.Best for side sleepers: If you don't like feeling restricted by any pressure points and prefer more of an open surface area to lay on, a firmer mattress will be better.If your sleep partner is a side sleeper and you are a back sleeper, try a medium to firm king size mattress.

How long does a king size mattress last?

The national sleep council mattress should be replaced at least every seven years. But, here’s the secret, you should replace your king size mattress when it feels like you need to replace it.

How much bigger is a king mattress than a queen?

A Queen size bed is also known as a small double mattress. The dimensions are 120 X 190 so a good 30cm in width smaller than a king size mattress.