Double Mattresses

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Showing 17–31 of 31 results

Double Mattresses are the traditional size coming in at 135 X 190cm in length. We have an extensive selection of double mattresses from latex to memory as well as the more traditional pocket sprung mattresses — check out our huge selection online or in our showroom today.

What size is a double mattress?

A double mattress is 135 x 190cm. This size is true regardless of whether you want a memory foam, pocket spring, orthopedic or even double memory foam mattress.

Who will suit a double mattress?

A double mattress is perfect for a couple, or if you're sharing your bed with another person and you are both of an average size.

Can a couple sleep on a double bed?

A standard size couple will sleep comfortably on a double mattress. A small double mattress, however, might be a little cozy for a standard sized couple.

How much does a double mattress weigh?

A standard double mattress will generally weigh in at around 37kg. Each mattress, however, is different so you should check each product description for its weight and dimensions first — especially if weight is a consideration.