The TV Bed Store 2020 Sale

The best deals on TV Beds for 2020 are now live.

We’ve reduced the price of some of our best-selling media beds, as well as one of our customer’s favourites standard TV Beds, for a very limited time only.

The Annecy is the best-priced luxury, fully multi-media bed on the market right now. We have used our years of expertise and knowledge-creating a TV bed built for all modern-day living needs.  The customer reviews of this bed should speak for themselves.

The Titan 2 from market leader Kaydian has to be experienced to be believed. We thought Kaydian had surpassed themselves with the Titan but the Titan 2, is next level. It comes with all the great features The Titan did as well as USB chargers, headphone sockets on either side of the bed and a 4.1 surround sound system, all as standard. The colours the Titan 2 comes in are all exclusive to the TV Bedstore.

The Lyon, which is also exclusive to TV Bed Store, is also currently on sale and comes dripping with tech. Designer fabric, sub-woofers and surround sound come as standard on this state-of-the-art media bed.

The Ardwick is yet another bed made by us, exclusively for you. The Ardwick comes in two flavours; with or without storage. But what comes as standard on both is sound perfection. Including a high-quality soundbar and built-in subwoofer.

Showing all 12 results

Showing all 12 results