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Our luxury TV beds offer you supreme comfort with the added technological benefits of a in-built TV, and in some beds, sound systems for extra enjoyment. This added luxury allows you to sit back and enjoy the latest bingeable series, stay connected, plugged in and to even enjoy watching your favourite film for the tenth time, all from the comfort of your own bed.

With a wealth of options out there, from media beds to ottoman styles, we’re here to navigate you through your TV bed purchase. To help you find your perfect fit we’ve come up with this handy guide for those who are new to TV beds or simply looking for their next bed upgrade. From multiple sizes to a wide variety of fabrics, whatever your preferences, we’ve got you covered.

So let us help you on your TV bed journey with this handy little guide.


TV Bed with Speakers
TV Bed with Speakers
TV Bed with Speakers

TV Beds with Speakers

As the pace of technology has increased over the past decade or so, we are finding more pieces of furniture not only becoming more connected but also multi-functional. Many of our TV beds now come with integrated speakers. TV Beds like the King Size and Super King Size Lyon, for instance, comes with 2.1 surround sound but also a subwoofer, perfect for movies gaming addicts alike.

Bluetooth & USB Ports

We live in a world of hyper-connectivity and Bluetooth is the go-to way to tether devices. Many of our TV Beds now come with Bluetooth connectivity as standard allowing you to stream music or audiobooks from your connected device through the bed’s speakers turning your TV bed into a smart bed. Need to charge your smartphone? No problem. our TV Beds come with built-in USB ports at either side of the headboard.

Bluetooth & USB Ports
Bluetooth & USB Ports
Bluetooth & USB Ports


Leather TV Beds

A plus point for choosing a leather bed is that it is resistant to damage and hardwearing. Over time the leather develops unique characteristics and particularly with tough leathers, they are hard to stain. This makes for a sturdy yet luxury combination, resulting in a sleek TV bed design.

To take care of your leather TV bed we recommend spot cleaning with a slightly damp cloth as soon as a stain occurs. We also highly recommend purchasing a soft leather balm to gently buff to clean your bed frame, this keeps the leather in the best possible condition to last for many years ahead.

Annecy Black Leather TV Bed
Ardwick White Leather TV Bed
Titan 2 Black Leather TV Bed
Paris TV Bed
Eston TV Bed
Ardwick TV Bed

Cotton TV Beds

Cotton is a completely natural fibre that comes from the cotton plant. A sturdy, versatile fabric that fits with any and all interior designs. Our TV beds are crafted from the highest quality cotton, making them long-lasting and able to stand daily wear and tear.

For upkeep, we recommend removing all cushions and bedding and vacuuming your bed frame to eliminate any extra dust, paying particular attention to the seams. For pesky small stains, such as tea or food we suggest spot cleaning with a mild detergent and leaving to dry naturally.

Velvet TV Beds

This plush texture is a popular interior design choice. Our opulent velvet beds are a bestselling design due to the sumptuous texture and bold style statement.

To keep your velvet TV bed in the best possible condition we recommend purchasing a fabric brush. Always brush your velvet bed in the direction of the pile, this avoids pulling or any unnecessary damage, whilst keeping your TV bed frame in peak condition. If you are using a new detergent or cleaning product on any marks, we would highly recommend testing this on a small patch that is out of view.

Lyon TV Bed
Lyon TV Bed
Paris Blue Velvet TV Bed


Space can be at a premium

Investing in a TV Bed can not only give you a superior experience of watching your favourite films and TV shows but can also be an elegant storage solution. Our TV Beds with built-in storage (also known as an Ottoman TV Bed) are operated using a whisper-quiet gas lift system. We have an unparalleled selection of TV Beds with storage on our site and in Our Showroom.

Lyon Storage
Lyon Storage
Ardwick TV Bed

Do you sell a TV Bed which has a smaller headboard?

We developed The Ardwick specifically for this. We found that many of our customers lived in houses which had converted attic rooms and the ceiling space was smaller than a standard bedroom. The smaller headboard doesn’t mean, however, you need to compromise on sound quality, storage or the other state-of-the-art technology our other TV Beds come with as standard.


Single TV Beds

Our single bed offering is ideal for students, older children and guest rooms. The Valencia Single TV Bed is the only single electric bed on the market, built with environmentally friendly products. Neat, compact and cleverly crafted, the Valencia TV Bed has a compartment underneath for storage and an in-built 32” smart TV at the foot of the bed. Simply operate with the remote control, sit back and enjoy in full comfort.

Double TV Beds

With seven select styles, our Double TV Beds are popular with couples living together or individuals, allowing for space to stretch and relax through your latest Netflix session. Offering a range for every budget, from The Annecy to The Paris, our Double TV Beds offer connectivity and, on certain models, storage. Our range of styles offers in-built speakers for a cinematic experience, to designs suited for the gamer. With a range of adaptable mattresses, discover our selection of double TV beds for a premium sleep experience.

King Size TV Beds

The ideal size for master bedrooms, providing adequate space for both partners (if you are sharing). Our range has been carefully researched and chosen by us to cater to all storage requirements, tastes and budgets. With eight different styles available at a wide price range, we offer TV bed designs in leather, cotton blends and even velvet. Our King Size TV Beds are our most popular choice, due to their spacious size, range of storage options and other features such as surround sound and a built-in subwoofer.

Super King TV Beds

This is the ultimate in comfort, the largest size bed we offer. Relax, unwind and sink into this bed, ideal for master bedrooms. The Super King Size is the ultimate in media beds and with over eight options in stock, we can guarantee you’ll find the perfect fit. Some options are designed to fit a 43” TV, the super king features the latest speaker and Bluetooth technology, making it the ideal investment for both you and your bedroom.

TV Sizes

Depending on your preferences, we can work with you to discuss which TV is right for your choice of bed. It is important to keep in mind the height of the bed and your eyesight when deciding this, so you can get the best possible viewing experience. Most of our TV Beds will hold up to a 43” TV. However, our The Valencia TV Beds will only hold a 32” TV. It’s worth checking the specifications on each bed just to make sure the bed you’re interested in will fit the TV you already own or have in mind.


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