Bedroom essentials you need for the best sleep of your life

We all know how you feel after a poor nights sleep. Gritty eyes? Bad Mood? We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Of course, a couple of the things you need for a good nights sleep will include a premium, luxury mattress and, of course, a TV Bed, but what else can help you get a great night’s sleep?

Cut the caffeine

It sounds obvious but many people still fall into the trap of the late night cup of tea. A herbal alternative will stop your brain from being overly stimulated before you need to get some shut eye. Many herbal teas are believed to help the relaxation process, mint, chamomile, and lavender are all popular pre-bedtime beverages. 

Purify your room

Adding a plant to your room can not only provide a splash of vibrancy and colour, but it can also help purify the air in your room. The plant above is called Mother-In-Law’s Tongue and though many of us might not like the thought of sharing a room with our Mother-In-Law, this plant has been proven to purify the air (perhaps unlike your Mother-In-Law).

A TV Bed on Finance?

Let’s face it, the thing that normally keeps us awake at night can be worries about money. With us, you can enjoy a TV Bed on finance and spread the cost of the payments. So this means you could enjoy our brand new, luxury media bed, The Annecy (pictured above) and pay only £74.58 per month over 12 months. This way you can enjoy a state of the art TV Bed with speakers and subwoofers and rest easy that it’s not going to break the bank.